The Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation hosts a series of community forums where victims, highway safety professionals, legislators, prevention specialists, prosecutors, members of law enforcement, and the public can discuss ways to make the roadways in Rhode Island safer by eliminating impaired driving.

From 2016 to 2020 Nationwide crashes involving impaired operators is 29.2% Rhode Island crashes involving impaired operators is 39.8%

There have been entirely too many senseless deaths and injuries on the Roadways of Rhode Island. This project was born to harness the collective grief and desire for change felt after two high profile crashes which resulted in the deaths of two young adults and severely injured another. These crashes are 100% preventable. Each individual plays a part in making a conscious effort to get behind the wheel in an impaired state.

Why hold a Community Conversation?

The State of Rhode Island has suffered from an above average rate of alcohol related fatal crashes for numerous years. This needs to change as our citizens are needlessly dying on our roadways.

Community Conversations can help to move the state towards its goal of zero deaths by bringing grassroots stakeholders together to voice their concerns about the unacceptable current state of affairs.

 “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”
-Author Linda Lambert

“As a parent, I can’t thank you enough for once again coming to Burrillville and sharing your story,
Tori’s story, and spending your night talking to our children. 
Your words and your story make a difference.” 
-Burrillville High School parent

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