Petition to Save Lives and Renew Rhode Island’s Primary Safety Belt Law

Every year, nearly 12,000 lives are saved on our nation’s roadways thanks to safety belts. From 1975 through 2010, it is estimated that safety belts saved 280,486 lives, including 12,546 lives saved in 2010 alone.  MADD supports Rhode Island’s primary safety belt law because a seat belt is the best defense against a drunk driver.

Please sign the petition below to urge Rhode Island lawmakers to uphold the state’s primary safety belt law, in order to help keep our families and loved ones safe on our roads. For more information on primary safety belt laws, please visit

By supporting Rhode Island’s primary safety belt law, lives will be saved and injuries prevented. Please join us in supporting this proven highway safety measure.

Please sign this petition by using the form on this page to demonstrate your support for this life saving strategy.

I Support RI's Primary Seatbelt Law