Upcoming Events

Dance-Ability – October 28, November 18, December 9, 2023 at Noon

The Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Narragansett brings a fresh and new style of teaching to people in wheelchairs.  The studio offers a hobby/sport that’s social, active and fun. That is why they are excited to bring adaptive ballroom dancing, or Para Dance, to the Rhode Island community.

Para Dance is a style of dancing that allows individuals with physical impairments that affect the lower limbs to perform and express themselves through dance.

The Para Dance instructors are certified ballroom dancers with a passion for helping those with special needs learn to dance. Caleb and Russina have received training to teach wheelchair dancing by World Para Dance Sport, the world’s pre-eminent authority on adaptive dancing.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our Para Dance program, please contact us today at 401-515-4007.

Fall classes are scheduled for October 28, November 18, and December 9 at noon at Fred Astaire Dance Studios-Narragansett, 1C Pier Market Place, Narragansett, RI.