2018 Blog Posts

"Dance has given me the chance to be a spectator again – to be in the crowd, an audience – and to watch my child take center stage. The music, the movement and the moment all enhanced by the teacher and her delight, visible and shining brightly "In My Daughter's Eyes" - Cathy Andreozzi
Rob’s Gift
Rob Andreozzi had a quick smile, a dry wit and a firm handshake. An accomplished martial artist, he had an array of national and world titles. He had multiple certifications in sports and fitness and had a gift for bringing out the best in those he coached. Rob had a beautiful wife, an adoring child and a mother and sister who loved him to the moon and back. What he didn't have was time.
101 Days of Summer
Every few years I have the pleasure of addressing Military men and women on the choices they make. Whether it be the War College or the Coast Guard Academy, the message is the same. The consequence of our actions can have far reaching, and sometimes devastating outcomes.
Angels and Anniversaries
15 years ago we arrived at Franciscan's doorway. We came for healing. We came looking for answers. While sadly not realizing a 100% of either it was time to go home. We left more prepared for the journey ahead. We left learning to expect the unexpected. What we were not prepared for- what we didn't expect, was the staggering number of angels that would continue to guard our grounds and watch over to keep us safe.
We’re Still Here
7,358,400 minutes since the world as we knew it changed 122,640 hours of uncertainty And we're still here