2015 Blog Posts

The Gathering
Tonight we gathered. In a setting, solemn and serene, we gathered to remember. We spoke of loved ones gone but not forgotten, lives forever changed and futures left uncertain.
More than 60 million people in the United States care for a loved one at home. They may be caring for a child, spouse or a parent and that care may range from minimal intervention to full-time dependent care.
It Takes a Village
It has always been my practice in the month of November to be truly mindful of the things in life for which I am grateful. Sometimes reflecting on the big - the obvious moments in life; and sometimes, just pausing to see the wonder of it all.
Race Day
I love Race Day. Or, perhaps more appropriately I should say Race Weekend. And if that’s the case, then more specifically I should say…BoldrDash Race Weekend.
Team Spirit 25th Anniversary
This evening on Bryant University Campus in Bello Hall a group gathered. They came together to celebrate. The reason they exist is not cause for celebration. It is one born of tragedy at the hand of destructive decisions.
Altered States and Altered Dreams
I attended a memorial service for a young woman today. While I didn’t know her very well, I knew her mother and their journey. It was one of altered states and altered dreams.
The Trip
A trip to the Emergency Room today provoked an unexpected and intense flashback.
Ms. And Miss Cellophane
Yesterday Tori and I went to the movies and were looking forward to some quality mother/daughter alone time. From the moment we pulled into the parking lot it seemed as though we were just that – alone; invisible.
Finding Your Voice
Friday was one of those days where I knew...without question, Tori would be proud of the things accomplished in her name.
12 years ago on the night before Easter while in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hasbro Children's Hospital, I sat vigil throughout the night by my daughters bedside. We were on the cusp of change. Decisions had to be made. Choices, which would affect what direction we would take and ultimately what the future could be for our family.
March 26 – Today marks 12 years
This morning a family, just cities away faced unfathomable heartbreak. Twelve years ago our family could have had the same ending. Somehow, she and we survived.
Not Alone
March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. For those living with brain injury there is no one month, no one season that brain injury is most prevalent. It is always there. In recognition of the 5.3 million Americans living with TBI-related illnesses, the Brain Injury Association of America has chosen for its theme for 2015-2017; Not Alone.
Flashback Friday
Early today a visit to the second floor of 2 Dudley Street brought back strong memories. It was there after valeting the van, exiting the elevator, walking away from the check in counter and finishing up with what has become our routine x-rays, the flashbacks came.