2012 Blog Posts

MADD Candlelight Vigil
Coming into the MADD Candlelight Vigil this evening Tori was quite uncomfortable and extremely vocal. At several points I considered turning around. By the time we arrived she had calmed although still rigid and voicing displeasure. And then there were the faces of the people you have come to know and love...
Something Amazing Happened
Friday, November 30th, something amazing happened. While Tori was at the horse farm for a therapy session a young volunteer asked if she could speak to me in private. Stepping aside she asked if I had every spoken at Cranston West High School. As I answered that yes I had, her eyes started to tear.
A Remarkably Unremarkable Day
Thursday, November 29, 2012 for me was a remarkably unremarkable day. It started routinely enough. Revelry came at the usual time and there was the “changing of the guard” – or report if you would, as the CNA gave her comments on the night. Tori was in limbo – not quite awake yet not quite asleep and I sat quietly bedside keeping watch until the next caregiver arrived.
Mother and Daughter Time
I love Saturdays and Sundays. Yes, because of the obvious-it’s the weekend. But mostly because it means it is just mom and daughter time. I’ll admit - it’s a mixed bag of goods.
The Beacon of Light that Guides You
Yesterday was a day filled with emotion. And those emotions ran from one end of the scale all the way to the other. It was a day that started and ended with conversations with moms dealing with similar circumstances; caring for young adult children whose lives where forever altered because of one moment in time.
Tomorrow I run the Bold R Dash.
I started to lay out everything I needed for the morning and went to the website for some last minute advice. For the first time I saw the layout of the course and a synopsis of the obstacles. I must admit for a moment I started to have doubts about my abilities to face this task.
Same But Different
Several weeks ago I sat with a mom of another young woman altered forever many years ago by an assault on her brain. We spoke for hours. She said something that first shocked and then halted me….It has taken me as many weeks to process and to come to terms with some of our conversation. Mind you...it was not her words but my own fears that I needed to reconcile.
Make the Most of Your Dash
My mother told the greatest stories. She was so animated as we would be rolling on the floor listening to the misadventures of her youth. She could be incredibly silly, break out in tiny little character voices or be in great big full voice in song. She could also be incredibly firm and didn’t earn the nickname Big Rit’ for nothing.
Hope and Drug Trials
Day #1 is in the can. Day #2 is not far behind. Tori is participating in Phase II of a Restoration of Consciousness Drug Trial.
3.26.03...today marks 9 years since life as we knew it changed forever...