2011 Blog Posts

Sitting bedside with my daughter, my eyes gravitate to a shelf near her bed. It houses a card given to her by a wonderful woman. Inside the card is filled with words of inspiration. Outside, there is just one word. Believe.
In Her Name
On my mother’s last Christmas she and my father gave Tori the most incredible gift.
Gaby Giffords
While all brain injuries are not created equal all people are. Hopefully one day the necessary intensive, aggressive therapy will be available to all to improve their chances of recovery.
Birthday Reflection
A very emotional day has come to a close. Tears outweighed the smiles as I reflected on how different things could and should have been but for the choice of one.
The Moments That Matter
We had an unsettling experience at Ann & Hope today. Shoppers couldn't create enough distance and the divide was palpable as we struggled through.
My Forever Friend
While gathering reading and writing materials for distraction over the next few days, I came upon a journal entry. As I read the words written almost 8 years ago I could still feel the same intense emotion. The entry speaks to friendship, acceptance and hope. Something relevant through all time.
Massachusetts State Trooper Ellen Engelhardt
Massachusetts State Trooper Ellen Engelhardt died Wednesday, June 1, 2011. For 22 years she served the state of Massachusetts proudly as one its first female troopers. For eight years she lived with the devastating afterrmath of a severe brain injury at the hands of a drunk driver.
Winds of Change
Eight years ago Lauren Kearney honored her fallen friend by donning a white gi for her performance on the nighttime stage at the 2003 Ocean State Grand Nationals. This year, 2011 and every day in between, she has continued to honor her young friend through the way in which she lives her life and in the way she shares her love and knowledge of the martial arts. Her greatest contribution to this art form, I believe, is in the way she has mentored and inspired others. This weekend is an example of that inspiration.
Day 2920: The 8th Year
Eight years have passed, and reflection of those years, especially the early days, have consumed me. I have found the need to revisit them. To be able to fully appreciate where we are now I needed to fully remember where we had been. And with the embracing of that memory comes a flood of so many others - memories from before the crash and how life "used" to be.
The Blossoming Tree
Today I came across some journal entries, originally written while in Franciscan Hospital. The sentiment in this entry holds true even today. The promise of rebirth and renewal; the promise of Spring.