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We’re Still Here

Monday, March 26, 2018

We're Still Here - The 14th Year

7,358,400 minutes since the world as we knew it changed
122,640 hours of uncertainty
And we're still here
Sirens, blurred faces, AED's and ambulance rides
Triage rooms, specialists, machines that breathe life
Brightly lit fluorescent hallways, the cold feel of IV poles and the antiseptic smell of OR waiting rooms
The whispered concerns of friends and family
Watery eyes and furrowed brows
Parades of strangers and angels of the night
5,110 days later I still hear it, I still see it, I still feel it
For 728 weeks we have been living a new reality; the key word living - though not what we ever could have imagined, we have the privilege of caring for and tending to - because she's still here

And, for 168 months we have been held and supported and loved - because you're still here. Thank you