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The Beacon of Light that Guides You

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yesterday was a day filled with emotion.  And those emotions ran from one end of the scale all the way to the other.  It was a day that started and ended with conversations with moms dealing with similar circumstances; caring for young adult children whose lives where forever altered because of one moment in time.

Lives filled with incredible grief, pain and loss.  Days filled with uncertainties and battles; not only from the injury within - but from the assault outside.  The paperwork; the system; the wait.   Adrift at sea at the mercy of the changing tides. 

Such different circumstances - different stories.  Yet, at the helm of each, guiding her ship with a steady hand, a mother.  Determined to navigate through any storm and bring her precious cargo safely to home port.  One mom fortunate to have a first mate, right hand, who shares her passion and vision for the journey.  Both steadfast in their quest.

It was an emotional day.  I cried and I laughed and mostly I was awed and inspired.  And throughout the day I kept thinking what keeps someone going and yet I know the answer.  It is the unconditional love, the bond that is never broken, that cord that is never truly cut.  It is the beacon of light that guides you.