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Its Called Life

Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 was fraught with loss and disappointments. It's called life. It has its ups and downs. From this came lessons and personal growth. And while it didn't ease the pain or lingering sorrows, it did give way to change by breaking down walls, peeling back layers and digging deep to reach the source.

It also brought incredible highs. Bearing witness to two hearts becoming one, celebration of a milestone birthday and the announcement of an addition to the family; my children are my light.

We shared in the joy of special moments in the lives of family and friends and our hearts ached along with theirs when saying goodbye to those we love.

2016 will hold more of the same. It's called life.  It has its ups and downs.

No matter the year, the resolution or the proclamation to start anew - it is being present in each moment that truly counts.  It is not the number, the month, the week or day that holds the magic - it is the moment that holds the memory. And memories can bring with them an array of emotion. They can make you laugh or make you cry. It's called life. It has its ups and downs.

Cheers to creating a life full of moments you long to relive.